Another Hiking Blog?


Hiking and camping became a regular part of my childhood just after I turned 5, when my father became the first Lands and Survey Park Ranger,(before D0C) for a newly formed park in rural New Zealand. my passion for hiking and getting others hooked on the sport
Moss Creek, Coromandel

At that time the park was mostly only on paper,  so every moment of free time for my brother and I meant tagging along with Dad, exploring the uncharted bush and Islands of the Park.

This adventure growing up ensured getting outdoors and Hiking(also called Tramping in New Zealand) has remained and essential recreation for me as an Adult. hiking as a child along the side of a river in bush
Getting hooked on Hiking

The Blog…

Early on in my adulthood, I found a passion for showing others that hiking with the right people, preparation and gear can easily be the start of their own great adventure in the outdoors.

This Blog aims to share my adventure and learning, in what I hope will be a useful resource for beginners and experienced hikers alike.

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29 January 2018





Disclaimer;  This Blog and all associated posts, is a record of my personal experiences, observations and learning along the way.  It is not intended as an authoritative guide to New Zealand Hiking.