Another Hiking Blog?

How did I start Hiking ?

hiking NewZealand - paradise

Hiking for me started as a child, except back then It was a means to far greater adventures, and I had no idea that other people did it for fun!

My father was the first Park Service Ranger assigned to establish a brand new Park a rural and coastal part of New Zealand.

Growing up before all the electronic distractions of modern children this meant we spent every waking hour outdoors exploring nature or tagging along with Dad on all manner of “Ranger” adventures like route finding the first tracks, visiting Islands, camping in wild places….

So started my love of the outdoors, which has now become a vital cornerstone for my rest and recreation in adulthood.

The Hiking Blog…

I have always had a passion for introducing people to hiking,(also called Tramping in New Zealand) specifically to the team approach that makes the outdoors enjoyable to everyone regardless of experience or ability.

So now feels like the right time to tell my story through a resource for other hikers, from beginner to beyond.

Please do send me your comments, ideas and suggestions!


29 January 2018



Getting Started – My first Post


Disclaimer;  This blog and associated  posts, is not intended as an authoritative guide to New Zealand hiking, rather it is based only on my personal experiences, observations  and learning doing what i enjoy.