Another Hiking Blog?

photo of hiker in New Zealand bushI grew up in a rural part of New Zealand surrounded by Native Bush and as my Father was the first Park Ranger in the area, we spent allot of time either on “Ranger adventures” or making our own mischief in the bush around our home.

It wasn’t until I had moved away with work, that I realised what an important part of my life these years had become, and how essential it was for me to continue to get out in the bush as regularly as possible in Recreation.

The Blog…

Some where along the way I developed a passion for introducing people to Hiking,(also called Tramping in New Zealand) specifically to the team approach that makes the outdoors enjoyable to everyone regardless of experience or ability.

So now feels like the right time to share what I have learned in a resource for other Hikers, just starting out or to beyond.

Please do send me your comments, ideas and suggestions!


29 January 2018



Getting Started


Disclaimer;  This blog and associated  posts, is not intended as an authoritative guide to New Zealand hiking, rather it is based only on my personal experiences, observations  and learning doing what i enjoy.